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B2M can provide a full range of commercial services including bid/proposals, contract negotiation and review, contact and risk management, compliance, insurance review, commercial advice and modelling.
B2M in particular can assist with moving into new geographic markets, management of intellectual property rights and due diligence preparation and review.
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Commercial Advice
Experience and Expertise
B2M was set up to offer low cost commercial advice to small and medium sized businesses. We understand the importance of getting clear and independent advice at a reasonable cost that is tailored to your business needs.
We have experience extending over 30 years in advising business in various sectors and in the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North and South America and Africa. We can assist with start ups, new businesses, mature business, those looking to sell or buy and also with the day to day management of bids and contracts.
Enhance the value of your business
Support for moving into new markets
Bid and commercial support

All your business and commercial requirements

  1. Bids and Proposals
    We can advise on bid strategy and writing, pricing, review of terms and management of the process.
  2. Contract Management
    We can review terms on award, advise on project and contract management, risk review and management, review of contract performance.
  3. Collaboration
    We are a collaborative business and are able to assist in planning and set up of collaboration and joint venture projects.
  4. New Markets
    We have long standing relationships with advisors in various countries who can provide advice and assistance to the same standard provided by B2M in the UK. We can also provide guidance on compliance issues such as export control and anti-bribery for each location.
Experience and Expertise
We have over 30 years experience working in industry, working for businesses of all sizes. Our principal, Colin Carrick Watson, has experience in various industry sectors and working in the UK, North America and Europe.
We have a long experience in joint venturing and collaboration both in the UK and internationally. We delivered a successful 10 year joint venture in the UK oil and gas industry; we worked on joint ventures in Namibia and South Africa and we were part of the team that got the first Scottish success using the Pemex on line bid process. Wwe have worked on joint ventures in both the northern and southern North Sea in the UK.
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